Meeting room reservation

Kumppanuuskeskus has versatile meeting rooms for meetings and different kinds of activities.

You can easily reserve our spaces and use them flexibly during and outside our opening hours. The only exceptions are the summer time and Christmas holidays.

Free-to-reserve spaces are Asema, Konnari, Kahvilatila Laituri, Pysäkki and Resiina. Employees of Kumppanuuskeskus can also reserve Tiketti and Veturi.

You can get the keys to a reserved space from the Kumppanuuskeskus information desk (neuvontapiste) during its opening hours (normally from 9-15 from Monday to Thursday). You can also inquire about the possibility of using a key box. More information about the meeting rooms and reserving them from Kumppanuuskeskus information desk.


Meeting room guidelines:

Arriving to Kumppanuuskeskus:

In the evenings you can enter from Vanhantullinkatu side. Access to the 2. floor only by the elevator at the end of the hallway. Touching the buttons of the electrical outside doors is strictly forbidden.

Opening the meeting room door:

The person who reserved the space can unlock the door with a key they have previously checked out from Kumppanuuskeskus information desk.

During the use of a room in Kumppanuuskeskus:

Smoking is absolutely forbidden inside, and outside near the entrance. Likewise, making any kind of open fire (including burning candles) in the premises is prohibited based on fire safety. The doors of the meeting room must be closed during use. Staircases and other corridors can  be used for events only with a special permission. Do not wedge open any doors.

Cleaning the reserved space:

You can find cleaning supplies in the cleaning cupboard on the first floor. Clean the space after use and make sure you do the following:

  • put the furniture and equipment used back to their original places
  • wipe the tables and sweep the floors
  • wash the dishes and other kitchen equipment
  • take the trash bag to the cleaning closet on the first floor
  • if the room hasn’t been cleaned to the same condition as it was before the beginning of use, a cleaning fee will be charged on a case-by-case basis. Any damages must be reported immediately to the contact person of Kumppanuuskeskus.

Leaving the meeting room

When leaving the room, make sure that the doors are closed, the lights and electrical devices are turned off and that the room is in clean condition. Return the key to Kumppanuuskeskus information desk during opening hours or return it to the key box on the first floor. When leaving, try the outside door to make sure it is locked.

Threatening situations:

If you have found yourself in a threatening situation, fill out the attached form. The physical version of the form can be found in all meeting rooms. Return the filled-out form together with the key.

Problem situation at the premises:

If for example, the doors won’t lock, the dishwasher is broken, etc. call property service ISS, phone number is 0200 15500.

In case of an emergency: 112